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Multimedia Services

True Value Technologeis Provided Multimedia Services.True Value Technologeis Offer

CD Presentation :- CD presentation is the simplest and effective way for this.True Value Technologeis team is capable to present yourself in the effective and impressive manner through CD/Flash presentation.True Value Technologeis make the Presentations for the reason of showing your products/services to your customers to leave a strong and impressive impact of your company brand. Our multimedia CD presentation service covers corporates, business, educational, tutors etc.

Digital Portfolio Development :-True Value Technologies offers the services for making Digital Portfolios for budding artists & students. Imagine an architect who wants to enter the job market, He excels in his field of work but does not know how to present his work to the customers. At this point True Value Technologies. Our company acts as a showcase to depict students' talent who are about to tread into job market.We at True Value Technologies believe that if only when the exterior of the house is beautiful, would someone try to check the interiors. We therefore provides a stepping stone for our clients.

2D/3D Animation/Presentation :-True Value Technologies Offer 2D/3D Animation & Presentations 2D animation is the art of moving still two-dimensional pictures/images thus giving the illusion of motion. A 2D animation image pretends to move in two-dimensional environment.3D animation is used where the depth of the object matters! 3D includes the z-axis along with x and y-axis. Character modeling or designing of any environment in parallel width to its depth to give it a more realistic look is 3D modeling and the respective animation for that is 3D animation. This is again a major hit in the market,True Value Technologies has team of creative & experienced Animators, full of innovative ideas with high capability to handle challenging and daunting tasks all the year round. So while you sleep, we work to bring your business to life!

Audio/Video Editing :- True Value Technologies Provided Audio/Video Editing of sound/audio includes the mixing of sound, addition of sound effects and other various types of alteration in the recorded sound.Addition of special effects to videos, compositing and mixing of various videos with its sound synchronization is the part of video editing. It also includes the streaming of videos in various formats on different resolutions. We take great pride in successfully completing many audio/video editing ventures with our clients absolute satisfaction.

Content Writing :- True Value Technologies Provided are lots of ways to get content for any topic, but to have rich, meaningful and unique content is the real art. Content writing today has vital role in all matters. Content for the web should be rich with keywords and content for any firm's profile should contain positive accent and all. There are various elements in content writing which makes the content impressive and unique.True Value Technologies has a team that includes seasoned writers that convert every word into solid gold! Our content writing network has given us many laurels throughout the country and internationally.

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