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Java Application

Java is a very popular programming language which involves various syn-taxes from C++ and C language. But it has a simpler model then these two other complex programming languages. It has object model and low-level facilities for the users which makes it easier and simpler to use and understand.

Java Application Programming was developed by a person named James Gosling in 1995, at a present date subsidiary of Oracle Corporations, which was then called as sun Micro-systems. JVM or Java Virtual Machines are needed to run these java applications which are compiled to class file format. Irrespective of the computer architecture JVM is always required to run this type of files. Java Application Programming is specifically designed to have the least amount of implementation bottlenecks. It works on the principle of "write once, run anywhere" pattern.

It means once your write the coding of the program, you can use it on other destination too. You don't need to write it again and gain every time. Java is not only a programming language but also a software platform, which lets the application developers to use this simpler, class based and object-oriented programming language instead of the complicated high level languages like C and C++.

All the components of java work together to perform a given task, and such components are listed below:

1. Development tools and APIs as Java complier, Java debugger, Javadoc and JPDA
2. Deployment technologies could have sub-parts like Java web-start and Java plug-in
3. User interface tool kits are swing, AWT, sound, input methods, java 2D and accessibility.
4. Integration APIs are RMI, JDBC, JNDI, and CORBA.
5. Core APIs are like XML, logging, beans, Locale support, Preferences, Collections, JNI, Security, Lang, Util, New I/O and Networking
6. Java virtual machines are of three types as, Java hotspot client compiler, Java hotspot server complier ad Java hotspot VM runtime

The various Java platforms are:
• Solaris
• Linux
• Windows

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