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Welcome to True Value Technologies website! The C developer's resources for everything related to C programming language.

What is a programming language?--Human beings need language to communicate between them. Similarly to communicate with computers we need a programming language. All the events in life can be communicated to computers with the help of programming language. C is the basic of all programming language. Before the introduction of C we had only Machine level languages. C is just like any other communication Language.

If you learn C programming thoroughly you can easily learn other programming languages. To learn C we just need to know the syntax of C program only. i.e order in which we have to write the contents.This website is intended to introduce C programming to beginning programmers. Over several years of studying, I have noted a large number of students appear to have difficulty in grasping the fundamentals of C Language. So I am trying to explain them with the help of simple examples.

This website will help you get a quick start with C programming. This website is a guide for the beginners and also for those who have little knowledge on C Programming fundamentals.

Next you might wonder how to starting learning C programming language? Here we cover all aspects C programming language with basic C programming language tutorial including:

* Getting Started with C
* C Data Types
* C Variables
* C Constants
* C Operators
* C Comments
* C Control Flow
* C Function
* C Pointer
* C Array
* C Structure
* C String
* C Dynamic Memory Allocation
* C File

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